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"Air springs? Not with us!"

Many workshop operators and trade partners still have, let's say tactfully, a distanced attitude towards working with air spring systems that appear complex. However, you can carry out this work without any problems.

Don't you believe us? By following our instructions below, you can make the most of  your income for your business. Many handles are very similar to the usual repair work on conventional spring-damper combinations. Here too, special attention must be paid to the correct installation position ("k0") in order to continue to ensure safe handling by tensioning the landing gear.

Possible leaks

Leaks in air springs manifest themselves in many different ways. Sometimes it is the gradual lowering of a wheel when the vehicle is at rest, in other cases it is the sudden drop of the air suspension.

How it's done: Troubleshooting

Especially with the former, the fault memory of the vehicle must first be checked with a suitable diagnostic device in order to obtain initial findings. There it is helpful to compare the recorded height levels of the sensors for the chassis height on the basis of parameters. If you can now detect any deviations, put the vehicle system into workshop mode, if required, before the first inspection and lift it up. Leaks in the system can be detected in a simple way: Spray the rolling lobe of the air spring with leakage spray or soapy water, leaks will be quickly visible by bubbles depending on the size of the damage.

Helpful mounting tips

Before fitting a new VEMO air spring or VEMO air suspension strut, the system pressure must be reduced; this can also be done using a suitable diagnostic device. Please use a new compressed air connection for the repair, if enclosed, and observe the respective specifications of the vehicle manufacturer. After successful replacement of the VEMO air spring or air suspension strut, do not place the vehicle on the wheels with unfilled rolling lobe air springs, but fill them up. This can be done, depending on the vehicle, using the diagnostic device or a compressor lead time.

With the help of these work steps you will be able to react competently to customer inquiries in the future -

"Air springs? Anytime with pleasure!" 

Our range of products

For optimal repair, we offer you a complete range of VEMO air springs and VEMO air suspension struts for all well-known premium vehicle manufacturers. Our articles are quality-tested and 100% compatible with original spare parts.


Air Spring Strut


X-Ref: 37 10 6 781 843 V20-50-0011-1
Air Spring Strut


X-Ref: A 220 320 24 38 V30-50-0025


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