Products: ACKOJA

27.Oct 2017

Everything you need for vehicle inspection

Our ACKOJA Filter Sets offer all the necessary components for the inspection of your vehicle of the manufacturers Hyundai, Kia, Chevrolet and many more.

29.June 2017

Wiper systems for korean vehicles

Exclusive for the european market: ACKOJA wiper systems for korean vehicles include wiper linkages and wiper motors. The products are made in high OEM quality MADE MADE IN KOREA. Learn more about ACKOJA wiper systems.

11.May 2017

Motor drive and cooling for korean vehicles

Introducing the range ACKOJA motor drive and cooling: In addition to pulleys for the crankshaft, we offer several ACKOJA timing belt kits consisting of deflecting and / or idlers and partly with water pumps. In addition, single water pumps with seal are available. Get to know our highlights!

04.May 2017

Filters for korean vehicles

Our ACKOJA range of filters includes oil filters, fuel filters, air filters as well as filters for the interior air, pollen filters and activated carbon filters. All products are manufactured in OEM quality and MADE IN KOREA, making it the perfect alternative to the original part. Discover our ACKOJA filters now!