Products: VAICO

01.Oct 2020

Timing chain kits from VAICO

The timing chain, one of the most common technical solutions for connecting the crankshaft to the camshaft in modern combustion engines and thus determining the timing. Read more about the advantages of VAICO timing chain kits and look for suitable products in our range.

14.Feb 2020

VAICO camshaft adjustment

How does camshaft adjustment work? And what does VAICO offer for repair solutions? Read now.

13.Feb 2020

Window cleaner winter

Even in winter, the windscreen should provide a clear view. Therefore, the winter- antifreeze windscreen is well suited. The winter- antifreeze windscreen not only has the task of protecting the windscreen washer from frost, the cleaner offers quite more.

13.Dec 2019

9-speed automatic transmission Mercedes-Benz

What is a 9-speed transmission (9G-TRONIC) and how does it work?

05.June 2019

VAICO, your partner for automatic transmission components

The engine and transmission are the heart of the vehicle. VAICO is a quality brand that has established itself as a reputable brand in the worldwide free parts market within these complex product sectors over the last 15 years. Learn more and give us a try!

26.Feb 2019

Brake Sets, disc disc brakes

New in the VAICO range and in the category Expert Kits+: Practical brake sets, disc brake consisting of brake disc, brake pad set and optionally wear warning contact. Our new products cover more than 20 million vehicle applications.

31.Jan 2019

VAICO Expert Kits+: Parts Kits for the Automatic Transmission Oil Change

In the category Expert Kits + VAICO offers different parts kits for the automatic transmission oil change. Depending on individual needs, various components and quantities of oil are included. Learn more about our practical solutions.

10.Sept 2018

Cleaner, Window Cleaning System

MADE IN GERMANY: Discover our practical packaging units with 50 units per display or 11,050 units per pallet!

04.June 2018

Timing chain kits for Mercedes-Benz 4-Zylinder petrol engines (M 271)

The quality brand VAICO offers timing chain kits for Mercedes-Benz M271 petrol engines in various versions: The Basic Expert Kit+ V30-10016-BEK contains the timing chain, a tensioner and three slide rails. Our more comprehensive VAICO Expert Kit+ V30-10016 contains five additional components for easy and time-saving installation.

31.May 2018

Timing Chain Kits for Audi, VW, Seat and Škoda 1.4 TFSI Engines

The quality brand VAICO offers timing chain kits for Audi, VW, Seat and Škoda with 1.4 TFSI engines in different versions: The Basic Expert Kit+ V10-10010-BEK contains the timing chain, a tensioner and two slide rails. Our more comprehensive VAICO Expert Kit+ V10-10010 contains seven additional components for easy and time-saving installation.

28.May 2018

Oil Change- and Flush-Kits for Mercedes-Benz 9G-Tronic (725.0)

Get to know our various Expert Kits+ for transmission oil changes on Mercedes-Benz 9G-Tronic models.

05.Mar 2018

VAICO, your expert in Engine Control

Without an optimal engine control, the internal combustion engine would not work. The complex interaction of crankshaft and camshaft must always and at anytime fit perfectly. If not, this can lead to major engine damage.

30.Jan 2018

VAICO, your specialist in Air Control Systems

VAICO has a wide product range in the air control systems sector with over 2,000 products from intake manifolds to venting hoses for more than 13,000 different vehicle models. Get to know our VAICO range of air control systems!

13.Oct 2017

When must the wheel hub be replaced?

Wheel bearings are one of the most safety-relevant components in the wheel suspension area. They are subjected to high and very enormous forces. The VAICO experts explain why and when a wheel bearing must be replaced.

12.Oct 2017

VAICO Wiper Arms and Wiper Arm Sets

Wide range: At VAICO you get more than 300 wiper arms and wiper arm sets for the most common AUDI-VW, BMW, Porsche, Volvo, Ford, Opel and Renault vehicles. Our wiper arm sets for the rear window enable easy assembly, quick replacement of the defective wiper arm. The experts at VAICO recommend the V99-1022 wiper arm puller, which can be used flexibly through its individual claw opening of 15-36 mm and easily dismantles the old wiper arm.

08.Aug 2017

Water pumps for the most common applications

VAICO presents water pump highlights for the most common applications. Learn more about the symptoms, failure causes and consequential damages of a defective water pump.

08.June 2017

Mounting for Engine-Transmission for the most common applications

Mountings for engine and transmission provide the only link between the driving unit and the car body. They bear the weight of the engine or the transmission and limit their movements during switching operations or load change. Moreover they absorb vibrations and prevent the engine and transmission from bucking. Learn more about VAICO mountings for engine and transmission.

24.May 2017

VAICO Track Control Arms

New VAICO additions: A total of 10 new VAICO track control arms for Mercedes-Benz vehicles now complement our range. We offer more than 1,150 high-quality track control arms, which are manufactured according to OE quality and manufacturing standards. Learn more about our new additions.

05.May 2017

Filter Sets as Expert Kits+

The range of VAICO filter sets belongs to the category Expert Kits + and enables great time savings in parts identification and procurement. With over 35 different filter sets, we cover a wide range of different vehicle applications. Learn more about the repair kits for workshops which are specially assembled by experts.

30.Apr 2017

New additions: VAICO oil sumps

New additions in the VAICO range: With over 300 oil sumps, VAICO offers an extensive range of oil sumps for all common vehicle applications. The high-quality VAICO oil sumps are manufactured using modern production technology and are subject to comprehensive tests for tightness and resistance to salt. Find out more about our latest additions.

15.Apr 2017

VAICO Link Sets, Wheel Suspension

The assortment of the quality brand VAICO corresponds to Suspension Kits, Ball Joints, Rod/Strut Stabiliser, Rod Assemblies, Tie Road End as well as Axial Joints. All necessary components are available as a practical VAICO Expert Kits+, a partial kit developed by practitioners for practitioners. Learn more about Link Sets, Wheel suspension - exclusive at VAICO.

02.Feb 2017

Brake Sets for disc brake

VAICO brake sets for disc brakes include all the parts that you require for a professional brake repair of the front and the rear axle. For brake systems with wear indicators, our Expert Kits+ also includes new wear warning contacts.

26.Jan 2017

Intake Manifold Module for AUDI-VW 2.7 and 3.0 TDI Engines

The quality brand VAICO complements the range of products by adding Intake Manifold Modules for AUDI-VW applications in high OEM quality. The scope of supply includes a seal, an adjustment lever and a screw set.

05.Jan 2017

Oil Pan with integrated oil filter

The Porsche dual-clutch transmission (PDK) comes built-in in Panamera, 911, Boxster and Cayman, and ensures sporty gear-shifting and driving pleasure. The VAICO quality brand recommends changing the transmission oil after a maximum of 40,000 km or five years, and offers you fitting oil pan with integrated filter. A new drain plug is also included

13.Dec 2016

VAICO Oil Pan V20-0574

Conventional oil pans are difficult to install because of their rigid materials and are often even damaged while being built in. VAICO’s oil pans however are equipped with an elastic connector, which allows an easy adjustment of the oil pan and prevents the formation of cracks.

05.Dec 2016

VAICO Water pumps Made in Germany

Many hazards such as corrosion and cavitation damage, leakage or incorrect belt tension can cause the water pump to fail. Motor damage threatens to follow. The quality VAICO product range includes more than 500 water pumps, of which more than 80 products are Made in Germany.

23.Nov 2016

Valves for Camshaft Adjustment

Different driving situations lead to different requirements on the engine. The optimal performance and torque development is decisively determined by the camshaft control. The VAICO quality brand offers more than 200 different valves suitable for all the latest vehicle applications from AUDI-VW, BMW, KIA, TOYOTA and many other vehicle manufacturers.

31.Oct 2016

Coolant Flange for AUDI-VW

VAICO Cooling Flange for Audi-VW: Perfect fitting, suitable for many vehicles, new and available soon.

13.Oct 2016

New to range: VAICO Fastener Assortments

Our fastener suitcases enable a fast identification of the articles needed. Moreover you can equip each case individually.

16.June 2016

Exclusiv by VAICO: Oil Change Kit for BMW

Only VAICO offers an exclusive oil change kit including all components and subsets for BMW dual-clutch transmission DCT GS7D36SG!