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The quality brand VEMO has strongly developed into one of the fastest growing specialists in the international independent aftermarket for electronic vehicle parts. In over 100 product groups we offer you more than 15,000 electrical parts and components for fuel supply and for exhaust gas recirculation from European vehicle manufacturers. Many of our products bear the Q+ quality seal. It identifies vehicle parts produced in first class original quality.
The engine and transmission are the core components of the automobile. The quality brand VAICO has earned a well-known brand name within the global independent aftermarket in these complex product areas. With more than 19,000 quality products of over 150 different product groups, VAICO offers a wide range of high quality spare parts for timely, cost-effective maintenance. We are flexible, innovative and foresighted. As a trusted partner of our wholesale partners' workshop customers, we develop repair solutions following the theme of Expert Kits +, among others for crankcase ventilation, transmission filters, service filters, and much more.
ACKOJA is the quality brand for Korean OEM quality vehicle parts MADE IN KOREA. ACKOJA product groups include clutch and timing belt sets as well as core components for the engine such as high pressure pumps, injectors, throttle valves, EGR valves, oil filters and much more.
01.Sept 2021

How exhaust emissions are regulated

Due to current discussions about the correct observance of emission values for passenger cars and commercial vehicles, the NOx sensor is becoming increasingly important.

15.July 2020

cool, cooler - thermal management

Thermal management takes a decisive role in engine cooling today. It helps to reduce fuel consumption and emissions. Besides that it is affecting the driving comfort and increasing the driving safety. Especially the environmental compatibility is in the spotlight nowadays.

20.May 2020

Did you push the button down? - Door locks

Almost everyone knows this question when parking older cars. It was not usual for vehicles to have central locking, let alone to be opened or closed by remote control. Luckily, because comfort in the area of locking mechanism has developed steadily over the last 25 years.

14.Mar 2022

Multi-plate clutch all-wheel drive

The multi-plate clutch all-wheel drive is used by various vehicle manufacturers and models with all-wheel drive to also transmit the drive force to the normally non-driven axle if required.

21.Dec 2021

DSG dual-clutch gearbox

The 7-speed DSG transmission (0AM, DQ200) from VW is an electronically controlled dual-clutch transmission. It is considered one of the most important technical innovations of recent years.

04.Oct 2021

HALDEX coupling

The HALDEX coupling is used by various vehicle manufacturers and models with all-wheel drive to also transmit the drive force to the normally non-driven axle if required.

19.Sept 2019

Against overheating and frost damage: Coolant and Antifreeze from ACKOJA

Coolant and Antifreeze for the motor: protection against overheating and for constant operating temperatures. But the ACKOJA Antifreeze can do even more and is Made in Germany and free of environmentally harmful substances.

12.June 2019

Tech-Info: Reverse Camera

Reverse Cameras from ACKOJA: In this article you can read more about function, tasks and discover our products.