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For fresh air in the vehicle: VEMO biofunctional carbin air filter

We are expanding our VEMO carbon air filter range by biofunctional filters. For even fresher and better air in the vehicle. Learn more about the structure, function and advantages of the biofunctional filter from VEMO.

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The further developed cabin air filters from VEMO „Made in Germany“ are characterised by an anti-allergenic and antimicrobial coating. VEMO filters of the new generation  thus slow down allergens and harmful gases such as nitrogen oxides particularly reliably.


 Cleaning the air inside the vehicle is particularly important in times of high particulate pollution and the increasing number of allergy sufferers. In addition, the air that enters the vehicle interior through the ventilation system when driving is five times more contaminated with exhaust gases, pollutants and allergy triggers than at the roadside.


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Benefits of the VEMO biofunctional cabin air filter

  • Protection against harmful bacteria and allergens
  • Inhibits mould and fungus formation
  • Stops fine dust and diesel particulates
  • Offers more safety and driving comfort when driving a car
  • Made in Germany




Symptoms of a blocked filter

  • bad and musty smell in the car
  • dirty air conditioner
  • Heating capacity and fan air flow rate decrease
  • Fogged windows or lubricating film on the windows
  • High pollen load in the interior (Allergic people will notice it quickly)


Recommended by the experts

  • Change regularly about every 15.000km or 1x per year for a constant clean air in the vehicle.
  • As an allergic person, the beginning of spring is the best time to change the filter (the highest load for the filter is in autumn and winter)



Our video of the biofunctional carbin air filter:



Filter, interior air

biofunctional interior air filter, 251x236x32mm, suitable for AUDI, BMW, SEAT

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Filter, interior air

biofunctional interior air filter, 248x200x41mm, suitable for BMW

X-Ref: 64 11 9 237 555_PLUS


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