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03.Apr 2021

High quality and durable: the VAICO intake manifold modules

VAICO offers high-quality intake manifold modules for the most common applications. Our VAICO products are made og high-quality material PA6GF30. This is characterised by excellent wear behaviour and high heat resistance.

14.Feb 2020

VAICO camshaft adjustment

How does camshaft adjustment work? And what does VAICO offer for repair solutions? Read now.

31.Jan 2019

Tech Info: Water pumps and drive belt sets

VAICO offers water pumps and drive belt sets. The VAICO experts let you know everything about function, symptoms, reasons of failure and consequential damages.

28.Jan 2019

Tech-Info: Charger Intake Hoses

Charge air hoses must satisfy special requirements. Find out why charge air hoses fail and what VAICO experts recommend!

04.June 2018

Timing chain kits for Mercedes-Benz 4-Zylinder petrol engines (M 271)

The quality brand VAICO offers timing chain kits for Mercedes-Benz M271 petrol engines in various versions: The Basic Expert Kit+ V30-10016-BEK contains the timing chain, a tensioner and three slide rails. Our more comprehensive VAICO Expert Kit+ V30-10016 contains five additional components for easy and time-saving installation.

10.Apr 2018

Tech-Info: Intake Manifold Modules

VAICO offers high-quality intake manifold modules for the most common applications. Our VAICO products are made of high quality PA6GF30 material which ensures excellent wear performance and high resistance to heat.

30.Jan 2018

VAICO, your specialist in Air Control Systems

VAICO has a wide product range in the air control systems sector with over 2,000 products from intake manifolds to venting hoses for more than 13,000 different vehicle models. Get to know our VAICO range of air control systems!

04.Jan 2018

Tech Info: Variable Camshaft Adjustment

VAICO offers a wide range of camshaft adjustment components in guaranteed best quality. Practical repair kits in the Expert Kits+ category, e.g. camshaft repair kits, complete our product range.

31.Dec 2017

Air Mass Sensor in OE-Quality

VEMO provides OE-Quality air mass sensors. They are produced by international OE manufacturers who directly or indirectly supply car manufacturers.

11.Oct 2017

Vacuum pumps for braking systems

Vacuum pumps are mainly used to support the brake force. They are necessary for vehicles with a mechanical brake booster which are standard nowadays. Learn more about the function and the VAICO range of vacuum pumps.

09.May 2017

Secondary air injection pumps

VEMO offers 66 high-quality secondary air pumps for Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Ford, Porsche, Toyota, Volkswagen and Volvo.

20.Mar 2017

Replacement of the cooled EGR-Valve

During the replacement of the cooled EGR-Valve we recommend to replace the gaskets around it as well. This installation instruction helps you not to miss any.

31.Jan 2017

EGR valves of the quality brand VEMO

The purpose of the exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) is to reduce the NOx emissions (nitrogen oxides). Learn more about the functionality of the EGR valve works and the VEMO range of products.

26.Jan 2017

Intake Manifold Module for AUDI-VW 2.7 and 3.0 TDI Engines

The quality brand VAICO complements the range of products by adding Intake Manifold Modules for AUDI-VW applications in high OEM quality. The scope of supply includes a seal, an adjustment lever and a screw set.

21.Nov 2016

Repair Kit, Intake Manifold V30-2286

The VAICO Repair-Set V30-2286 comes in handy for the intake manifold module of Mercedes Benz. Leaking lines of motor fans cause a common problem: oil leaks and damages the material. The VAICO Repair-Set makes it no longer necessary to exchange the whole intake manifold module but only the particular shiftable linkages. This saves time and money! We show you how it works.