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21.Dec 2021

DSG dual-clutch gearbox

The 7-speed DSG transmission (0AM, DQ200) from VW is an electronically controlled dual-clutch transmission. It is considered one of the most important technical innovations of recent years.

04.Oct 2021

HALDEX coupling

The HALDEX coupling is used by various vehicle manufacturers and models with all-wheel drive to also transmit the drive force to the normally non-driven axle if required.

13.Dec 2019

9-speed automatic transmission Mercedes-Benz

What is a 9-speed transmission (9G-TRONIC) and how does it work?

23.Jan 2017

Neutral Safety Multifunction Switches, automatic transmission

The multifunction switch is the link between transmission and control unit. If the switch is faulty, it interferes with the manual speed selection and prevents displaying it. The quality brand VEMO offers a high-quality spare part suitable for various AUDI-VW applications.

05.Jan 2017

Oil Pan with integrated oil filter

The Porsche dual-clutch transmission (PDK) comes built-in in Panamera, 911, Boxster and Cayman, and ensures sporty gear-shifting and driving pleasure. The VAICO quality brand recommends changing the transmission oil after a maximum of 40,000 km or five years, and offers you fitting oil pan with integrated filter. A new drain plug is also included

05.Sept 2016

ACKOJA - asian parts by VIEROL

ACKOJA is the quality brand for Korean OEM quality vehicle parts MADE IN KOREA.

16.June 2016

Exclusiv by VAICO: Oil Change Kit for BMW

Only VAICO offers an exclusive oil change kit including all components and subsets for BMW dual-clutch transmission DCT GS7D36SG!