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14.Jan 2020

5 things to know about air mass sensors

Air mass sensors determine the correct amount of air mass and forward it to the engine control. This ensures that a vehicle complies with emission standards. Here are five facts worth knowing from our VEMO Experts.

15.Oct 2019


VIEROL's EXPERT KITS+ contain complete repair solutions designed by experts that facilitate part identification and their procurement for workshops, and also help keep stocks at manageable levels.

10.Sept 2019

Good view despite rain: the rain sensors from VEMO

With 18 new articles from the field of rain sensors, the sensor technology specialist VEMO is entering the new "rain" season!  But VEMO's rain sensors can do even more.

12.June 2019

Tech-Info: Reverse Camera

Reverse Cameras from ACKOJA: In this article you can read more about function, tasks and discover our products.

21.May 2019

TPMS sensors

VEMO Electronical tyre pressure monitoring systems - The VEMO experts answer all questions about requirements, functions, symptoms and much more.

13.Sept 2018

Sensors, Xenon Light - Headlight Range Adjustment

Discover the range of sensors, xenon lights and learn more about the function of automatic headlamp levelling (LWL).

30.Aug 2018

Tech-Info: ABS wheel speed sensors

Do you know the difference between passiv and activ wheel speed sensors? VEMO Experte explain it!

13.June 2018

Tech-Info: sensor, cam crankshaft

The camshaft sensor determines the exact position of the crankschaft mechanism and reports it to the engine control unit. Learn more about reasons of failure, symptoms and instructions for installation.

31.Dec 2017

Air Mass Sensor in OE-Quality

VEMO provides OE-Quality air mass sensors. They are produced by international OE manufacturers who directly or indirectly supply car manufacturers.

24.Oct 2016

Installation Instruction for Steering Angle Sensor

Why replace more than you need to? Some original manufacturers only supplies a steering angle sensor together with the steering column and EPS unit. The quality brand VEMO, on the other hand, supplies the sensor as a separate spare part, thus allowing a cost-effective repair for increased safety in the vehicle.

15.Aug 2016

Save the date: Automechanika Frankfurt 2016

We're celebrating our tenth participation at Automechanika in Frankfurt. Be there and visit us in Hall H6.0 at Stand C06!

11.July 2016

PDC sensors from the quality brand VEMO

Parking made easy: With over 180 sensors and suitable mounts, the VEMO quality brand offers high-quality replacement parts for around 12,000 vehicle applications.

26.May 2016

Replace defective Lambda sensors quickly and easily

As part of the exhaust system, Lambda sensors are exposed to extreme stress. Motor overheating, lack of power supply, internal or external short circuits or contamination can all lead to failure. Defective Lambda sensors cause expensive catalyst damage and reduce vehicle mileage capacity. It is therefore important to replace them before it’s too late.

17.Apr 2016

Air mass sensor V10-72-1025

Air mass sensors are used in vehicle engines to measure the engine‘s load conditions and is therefore an important component for engine air supply and exhaust gas reduction.