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Which operating fluids are available at VAICO's range?

VAICO operating fluids comply with the OE manufacturer standards and are ideally suited for use in the car industry. In addition to engine, transmission and hydraulic oils, the product range also includes radiator and windscreen antifreeze, as well as a variety of fuel additives and car care products. Selected base oils, first-class raw materials and specific additives form the basis for our high-quality operating fluids. Continual controls and analyses ensure the highest degree of quality – provable at all times by the retained samples!

VAICO offers comprehensive product and safety data sheets for all operating fluids, which comply with the latest statutory requirements in consideration of GHS/CLP regulations.

Our products are filled in a wide variety of containers (0.03 litres to 1,000 litre IBC tank) using the most advanced filling systems. The 1 and 5 litre canisters are provided with a leak-proof induction sealing cap.

Engine oils

  • Multigrade oils OEM approved
  • Designed for various engines, such as passenger cars and vans, but also two-stroke engines or lawnmowers
  • Extensive information on all current ­standards such as ACEA, API, JASO etc.

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Automatic and manual transmission oils

  • Increased lubrication reliability due to ­specific additives
  • Wide range for all conventional and the ­l­atest automatic transmissions (MB17, DSG II)

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Radiator antifreeze

  • Most advanced rust inhibitors
  • Protection for the whole engine and cooling system, incl. plastic parts and rubber hoses

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Hydraulic oils

  • Reliable protection against wear, rust and foam
  • Neutral against sealing materials

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Fuel additives & engine cleaner

  • Cleaning of engine and fuel system
  • Optimisation of fuel consumption
  • Reduction of wear

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Brake fluid

  • Optimal brake power
  • Protection against corrosion and wear

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Windscreen cleaning (summer & winter)

  • Reliably removes insects, oils, soot, silicon and hazardous glare and lubricating films.
  • Fully compatible with polycarbonate
  • Suitable for fan nozzles

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Here you can see our whole range of VAICO operating fluids.
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