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Even in winter, the windscreen should provide a clear view. Therefore, the winter- antifreeze windscreen is well suited. The winter- antifreeze windscreen not only has the task of protecting the windscreen washer from frost, the cleaner offers quite more.

What damage might result, if no antifreeze is used?

At the end of the autumn season, attention should paid that the windscreen washer is no longer filled with the summer cleaner. As soon as the first frost is coming, expensive damage can be imminent. By freezing the liquid, the wiping water tank can tear or even break. The pipes, nozzles and washing water pumps can also be damaged. The more modern vehicles with xenon-headlights are equipped with a headlight cleaning system. This system is supplied from the same container. In addition, the component is TÜV-relevant and the new TÜV-badge is not handed out in case of damage. To counteract this, we recommend switching to the blue winter- antifreeze windscreen in good time.

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Characteristics of the winter window cleaner

In addition to the cleaning characteristics, as with the summer window cleaner, the antifreeze windscreen with the nozzles is compatible with the xenon headlight cleaning system. It is material-friendly and does not attack the seals on the headlights and the windows.

Observe the correct mixing ratio!

Compared to a product that has already been mixed, the concentrate must be based on the correct mixing ratio. If too little of the cleaner is included in the system, the damage to the cleaning system already mentioned is threatened. Depending on the temperature region, the ratio should be adjusted. A mixing table is indicated on the labels. Distilled water should be used for filling or mixing, as the water from the pipe is calcareous and thus deposits could block the system.

How can damage be avoided?

VAICO recommends regular checking of the washing water level in the expansion tank. In order to avoid consequential damage and failures, the complete cleaning system should be examined for leaks and the damaged parts should be replaced. Reasons for the loss could be for example: Leakage in the expansion tank, cracks or pipes being damaged.

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