About us

VIEROL AG – International Automotive Specialist

This family owned- and operated business based in Oldenburg, Germany was founded in 1977 by Jürgen R Viertelhaus. Since then, the company has grown steadily and has established itself as an international specialist of electronic components and engine management for the automotive industry on the market.

With subsidiaries in Shanghai, and Singapore, VIEROL AG maintains important contacts with international business partners. Customers in over 125 countries trust the company’s high quality brands VEMO, VAICO and ACKOJA.

The quality VEMO brand products include a wide range of exclusive automotive electronic parts. The VEMO range currently comprises more than 15,000 items, with sensors and switches, exhaust gas recirculation, and small engines making up our top 3 core product groups. The VAICO range includes more than 27,000 quality spare parts. With the focus on engine air and transmission components, VAICO offers intelligent solutions for automotive repair shops that are perfect alternatives to OEM parts.

As an internationally successful vehicle parts supplier, it is important for us to offer high quality German automotive technology, which is why so many of our components have been awarded the Q+ seal of excellence. The quality seal confirms that these automotive parts made in Germany meet the same quality standards as the original equipment. Q+ products are appreciated around the world for the best quality, precision, and German engineering they represent.

At www.vierol-shop.de, VIEROL AG offers more than 43,000 electronic and mechanical car parts in our quality VEMO and VAICO brands. Drop in and see for yourself.


VEMO – electronic parts by VIEROL

The quality brand VEMO has strongly developed into one of the fastest growing specialists in the international independent aftermarket for electronic vehicle parts.

Started in 1998 as a joint project with leading OEMs like AEG Motorenwerke and Robert BOSCH AG, we have kept up with customer needs, and provide the widest range of fan and small engines for German vehicles. Since its beginnings VEMO – Vierol Elektro Motoren Oldenburg – has developed into a brand name known worldwide, with customers and distribution partners in more than 125 countries.

In over 100 product groups we offer you more than 15,000 electrical parts and components for fuel supply and for exhaust gas recirculation from European vehicle manufacturers. Many of our products bear the Q+ quality seal. It identifies vehicle parts produced in first class original quality.

We are flexible, dynamic and foresighted. As your trusted partner we develop repair solutions for the independent aftermarket, and analyse repair requirements for registered vehicles via country-specific databases. We continually invest in improving our logistics processes, and guarantee access to technical information as well as availability of our VEMO quality products via www.vierol-shop.de - around the clock. High resolution, detailed product images in 360 degree perspective also allow accurate identification of product characteristics. With VEMO we combine technical expertise and individual customer requirements to ensure the highest quality and service. Trust in us and give us a try!

Our top 3 core product groups

Sensors & Switches
Over 3,700 items in stock, including more than 800 different references in Q+ OEM quality

  • More than 1,500 sensors & switches packaged in iSP foil for protection against electrostatic discharge
  • Chips from manufacturers such as HP and Infineon
  • Vehicle-specific coded connectors guarantee maximum installation safety

Exhaust gas recirculation
More than 600 items in stock, including more than 440 items in Q+ OEM quality

  • Service-oriented delivery, including gaskets
  • debitable, high-density, and visually appealing welds through a special laser welding process
  • Styrofoam inlays provide ideal protection during transport and storage

Small engines
Over 1,000 items in stock, including 400 products in Q+ OEM quality

  • DC engines with and without transmission
  • Reversible engines are lighter, smaller and provide multiple functions
  • Reliable, quiet operation mode



VAICO – engine & transmission parts by VIEROL

The engine and transmission are the core components of the automobile. The quality brand VAICO has earned a well-known brand name within the global independent aftermarket in these complex product areas.

VAICO has been driven by passion for quality since 1999. Supported by an experienced team of product management professionals, VAICO was initially known for chassis, steering and rubber-metal parts in high Q+ (OEM quality). Especially, the drive chains, engine and transmission oils, and the filter media among VAICO transmission and engine filters currently meet 100% of the original vehicle manufacturer's certification requirements.

With more than 19,000 quality products of over 150 different product groups, VAICO offers a wide range of high quality spare parts for timely, cost-effective maintenance. We are flexible, innovative and foresighted. As a trusted partner of our wholesale partners' workshop customers, we develop repair solutions following the theme of Expert Kits +, among others for crankcase ventilation, transmission filters, service filters, and much more.

We continuously invest in improving our logistics processes, and guarantee access to technical information as well as availability of our VAICO quality products via www.vierol-shop.de - around the clock. High resolution, detailed product images in 360 degree perspective allow accurate identification of product characteristics.

With VAICO you are choosing quality, durable automotive components. Learn more and give us a try!

Our core product groups

Transmission components

  • High-quality filter media in original quality
  • Complete repair kits including gasket, installation material, and gear oils certified by the vehicle manufacturer
  • Uniform adhesion of abrasion via multipole magnets

Engine air

  • Dimensionally stable, heat and weather-resistant fluororubber gaskets (FKM; earlier FPM) guarantee longevity
  • Quick and easy installation of hoses using German-produced quick connectors
  • Practical repair kits consisting of oil separators and associated hoses



ACKOJA – asian parts by VIEROL

ACKOJA is the quality brand for Korean and Japanese automotive parts, available in MADE IN KOREA OEM quality. The ACKOJA range includes tailor-made and high-quality repair solutions for the latest, and common, Asian vehicle applications.

The core product groups of ACKOJA include all types of filters, components for engine drive and cooling as well as wiper systems. Clutch kits and key components for the engine such as high pressure pumps, injectors, throttle values, EGR valves and more complete the ACKOJA range.

Our core product groups

Clutch sets

  • increased service life due to automatic wear compensation at the friction lining  
  • wear-resistant lining between 190 mm and 260 mm thick
  • problem-free replacement possible without special tool

Timing belt kits

  • belts and belt idlers of Korean OEM quality
  • vehicle-specific solutions with precisely matched components
  • time savings through perfectly tailored repair kits