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Bulb, headlight


Bulb, headlight
X-RefN 10445701*
i. a. fitting forUNIVERSAL
Bulb TypeD2S (gas discharge tube)
Light DesignXenon
Weight0.015 kg
Voltage85 V
Rated Power35 W
Socket VersionP32d-2
General InformationIn the warranty, we always make a distinction between wear Brake components such as brake disks, brake pads, etc. maximum of 1000 km (break-in period). Therefore, warranty claims for brake parts are only reviewed with an installation invoice and a record
Voltage85 V
Voltage85 V
Rated Power35 W
Rated Power35 W
Socket VersionP32d-2
Colour Temperature10000 K
Packaging height9.2 cm
Packaging width4.9 cm
Engine TypePetrol, Diesel, Hybrid
Packaging unit2
Price per piece:0.00
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