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Tech-Info: EGR-Valves

Ever stricter exhaust gas regulations ensure that the emission reduction must be improved. Especially with diesel engines, the reduction of nitrogen oxides (NOx) is becoming increasingly important.


To meet these demands, the quality brand VEMO offers you a wide range of high-quality EGR valves. 

Depending on the design, our EGR valves are controlled electrically, with negative pressure or in combination. Furthermore, VEMO offers a large number of EGR valves, which are equipped with an electrically or pneumatically switched bypass flap. This allows the exhaust gases to pass the EGR cooler in the warm-up phase, so that the engine and catalytic converter reach the optimum operating temperature as quickly as possible and an even cleaner and more efficient combustion takes place. 

We are always guided by the needs of our customers. Therefore all of our EGR valves includes gaskets and get shipped in shockproof packaging for safe storage and transportation.

  • engine running unevenly 
  • malfunction indicator light (MIL) lights up 
  • increased fuel consumption 


Reasons for failure
  • heavy sooting or coking 
  • defect in the vacuum control 
  • defect in the electrical regulation 
  • malfunctioning valve 
  • incorrect valve clearance 
  • unclean combustion 
  • wrong software version in the engine control unit 
  • wrong or used (burnt) engine oil 


Consequential damages
  • wrong exhaust figures
  • destruction of the exhaust control system (particulate filter / oxidation catalyst) 
  • damage to the engine mechanics caused by high exhaust gas temperatures
  • heavily soiled air filter
  • defective air mass sensor



EGR-Valves by VEMO

More than 280 EGR valves can be found at

  • including over 200 articles in first-class Q+ quality
  • all EGR valves include gaskets
  • shockproof packaging for safe storage and transport


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